Our Home, Our Future

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services is a welcoming not-for-profit organisation that empowers people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to participate fully in our society. We are an ethnic communities council and the peak body for migrants and refugees in the Loddon Campaspe region.

At Multicultural Services, we want to take a look at what it means to build inclusive and welcoming spaces from the ground up, through personal connection and storytelling. We’re asking our communities:

  • What does “home” mean to you?
  • What kind of spaces help you to share culture and connect cross-culturally?
  • What dreams and hopes do you have for your future community?

From September 2019, Multicultural Services will be partnering with local communities, libraries, migrant and refugee groups, peak bodies and community organisations to celebrate the goodwill that lives in our region with ‘community conversations’ and other positive initiatives under the banner of “Our home, Our future”. Right across our community, we want to take a look at what it means to build inclusive and welcoming spaces from the ground up, through personal connection and storytelling. ‘Our Home, Our Future’, launched in September 2019, shares and engages with different ideas of home and visions for a stronger future in our community. 

Together, we will pave the way to build a shared Multicultural Community Hub in Bendigo, hosted by Multicultural Services, which will be used to:

  • Support the resettlement of migrants and refugees
  • Increase our ability to share culture and connect interculturally
  • Build solidarity amongst local residents
  • Highlight how welcoming migrants and refugees builds stronger and more resilient communities for the future

We know from talking to people right across our region that there is a strong need for a Multicultural Community Hub- a place for people call home, a place where people can come together to share culture and connect. We also know there are many who are willing to invest time, money and other resources to help build a Multicultural Community Hub and a strong shared future.

Pledge your support

Help us by pledging your support for a multicultural community hub. Please also tell us whether you could see yourself, your family, your community networks or your business becoming involved.

Exhibition- Our Home, Our Future

This exhibition – a collection of stories made up of words and images – is part of the Our Home, Our Future Project. Eight contributors from Central Victoria kindly shared their images and stories about their journey to Bendigo, what home and belonging mean to them and their vision for a vibrant and inclusive future. We give a heartfelt thank-you to these contributors and their communities for their ongoing courage and generosity:

Fazeleh Sayedi, Mangok Deng, Bruno Spandonide, Hanna Solodka, Kalapriya Selvaraj, Shilin Roy, Nay Blu (image and story to come), Silvia Moo (image and story to come)

Photography by Nick Styles, Bat City. Words: Nokomi Achkar, Community Engagement Coordinator, Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services.

News and resources

About Our Home, Our Future- print or email

If you’d like to print or email information about Our Home, Our Future, you can download a PDF here: About- Our Home, Our Future.