Become a Member

Be a part of Multicultural Services and help create a vibrant, thriving and multicultural central Victoria.

By becoming a member you will be:

  • Showing your support for multiculturalism and newly arrived communities in our region.
  • Supporting us to advocate for and with multicultural communities.

We have three types of members:

  • Individual members: anyone who supports multiculturalism. Membership is $5
  • Group members: any group whose main purpose is cultural or multicultural. Membership is $50
  • Associate members: any organisation, businesses or group who supports multiculturalism but whose main purpose is not cultural or multicultural. Membership is $200

Membership lasts until the end of the financial year- 30th June. In July each year you will be invited to renew your membership. Your membership application will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval at their next board meeting, held monthly. All members agree to support multiculturalism and abide by the rules of the association. To read our association rules click here.

Apply/Renew Membership: